11822659_1130007290361973_3860466293470074766_nWhat is Sans Reproche?

SR started as Brickhouse Fitness, LLC in 2012 with the idea of bringing a few friends together to get a great workout with constantly varied, functional movements, and performed at high intensity. What started with a few friends, began to grow into an amazing FIT family at Sans Reproche inside the walls of Brickhouse. We pride ourselves on our coaching, our members, and the amazing community that the two create.  Each one of us that walks in those doors becomes part of this awesome extended family.  A family that not only supports its members while inside these walls as we’re grueling it out to finish a WOD, but also when we leave our box, too.

Thoughts from Coach Shawn:

I hate how I feel when I don’t go. I love how I feel when I’m done. I love being around those people. I love getting results. I love the journey I take to get them. I love the coaches. I love the friendships; not just my friendships either…I love seeing others happy and their friendships. That makes me happy. I love being driven. I love being challenged. I love being pushed and motivated by everyone. I love that we show up at 5 AM and play some crazy awesome music! I especially love this when it’s nice outside and we can play outside; running, pushing or pulling sleds, carrying farmers bars, etc… I love that it’s always different. I love seeing everyone progress. I love that people are getting better. I love that CFSR is a safe place that we can all come together for an hour a day and walk away feeling AWESOME! So many things that I love about it. I have ups and downs in my training. Everyone does. I feel that how you act and the decisions you make about your training during the down times will greatly affect your overall goals and progress. If you can find it in you to get to the gym no matter what, I am pretty sure you’ll feel better in the long run. Go to the box, put in the work, and eventually you’ll pull through the slump. And when you do, you’ll be SO happy that you didn’t give up or give in. Get in the best shape of your life while meeting incredible people!